Following the „Common European Framework (CEF)“

(A2 in the Common European Framework)

Introduction and Participant Profile
Suitable for anyone who has successfully completed a Pre- Intermediate course or an oral proficiency interview and a written test with English at Work. You will enhance your fluency in different social situations, as well as learn new vocabulary and grammar. Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a certificate from English at Work.

Course Highlights

Narrate complex real-world issues to different people in correct sequence. Negotiate a solution to a dispute and outline a case for compensation. Present your opinion, evaluate alternative proposals and hypothesize Understand and exchange complex information related to your job Speak freely about issues of personal and professional interest Describe your company and your profession in detail Explain complex processes and sequences Socialize in English


By the end of the course, participants will be able to: Read and understand articles in magazines, newsletters, trade journals, etc. Use relative clauses and determiners, all forms of to be, to do, to have Construct passive sentences in all tenses Successfully participate in any type of meeting Give detailed information accurately Effectively use more than 4,000 words Lead discussions

Methods and Design

Highly interactive style. Exercises, games and role-plays ensure your involvement. Some sessions may be videotaped and discussed. Includes 40 teaching hours in a four days period. The teacher is a qualified professional with extensive experience.
Enrollment is limited to eight persons.