Following the „Common European Framework (CEF)“

High Advanced Intensive
(B2 in the CEF: Advanced)

Introduction and Participant Profile

Suitable for anyone who is proficient and fluent in the English language. Appropriate for anyone who wishes to consolidate their language and business communication skills. Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a certificate from English at Work.

Course Highlights Advanced Socializing: Recognize and respond to different crosscultural communication patterns. Develop business relationships with different personalities and in different business settings. What to say and what to avoid.
Advanced Telephoning: Direct the flow of a conference call. Voice and respond to complaints effectively. Explain complex processes on the phone.
Advanced Business Meetings: Facilitate meetings. Focus on essentials. Express agreement and disagreement in different ways. Deal with conflict and manage dominant speakers. Listening techniques. Direct conversation flow. Chair and direct meetings. Deal with unforeseen events. How to reach positive outcomes.
Advanced Presentations: How to prepare. Impromptu presentations. Tone-down language. Persuasive tools and techniques. Improve your voice and body language. Describe change and development. How to deal with interruptions and maintain the attention of your audience.
Advanced Business Negotiations: Take culture and tactics into account. How to say NO. Deal with any type of negotiator. Recognize and deal with ploys. How to structure and control the process. Conflict vs. cooperation. Deal with difficult price negotiations. How to close a negotiation.
Intercultural Communication: Effective skills for doing business with people from other cultures.
Advanced Business Writing: Write persuasive e-mails, faxes and letters.


Acquire the language and skills necessary for advanced telephoning, meetings, presentations, negotiations, socializing and written English. Improve your business performance and increase your selfconfidence. Persuasively master any type of business situation.

Methods and Design High Advanced Intensive
(B2 in the CEF: Advanced)

Highly interactive style. Case studies, key exercises and role-plays ensure your involvement. Some sessions may be videotaped and discussed. The trainer is a qualified professional with extensive experience. Includes up to 40 hours over a four day period.
Enrollment is limited to eight persons.